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!Viva Mexico! Mexican Consulate Celebrates the 205th Mexican Independence Day

On September 12th, the Consulado General de Mexico of Nogales hosted an event in celebration of the 205th Mexican Independence.  Several organizations as well as community leaders of Santa Cruz County were in attendance. The Consulado General de Mexico honored Alfredo Velazquez Superintendent of the Santa Cruz Unified School District, Municipio de Nogales, Nogales International, The Senior Center, and several other organizations for their contribution towards making the event possible. The event was held at the “James K. Clark Auditorium” at the Nogales High School. The event celebrated Mexican culture, and traditions in honor of Mexico’s Independence.

Salvador Diaz Castro event master of ceremonies kept the crowd laughing with his great sense of humor.  He reminded the public to take pride in from their Mexican heritage. Mexico has made many cultural contributions to society. It is a county with many traditions, and extensive history. The event included dancers, singers, and mariachis. The event opened with the National Anthem sung by Caroline Crawford, followed by a performance by the Ballet Folklorico from Calabasas Middle School in Rio Rico. The dancers wore beautiful colorful Mexican outfits.  What better way to get the public excited than to encourage Mexican pride through an amazing singing performance by Ruben Yarel Lerma who interpreted songs like “Yo Soy Mexicano” and “Como Mexico No Hay Dos”.

In between performances, 3 prestigious awards were given to three distinctive individuals who have contributed to such great causes in our community. The first recognition, “Angel De Independencia” was given to Mercedes Castro by the Consul General y Consul Adscrito for her contribution to providing shelter, and resources for women that have suffered from domestic violence. Next the Consul General and Mrs. Melendez provided Santos Yescas with the same award for his contribution to the Nogales Community Development and Consulado Mexicano. Another community member who has dedicated her life to public service towards helping victims of domestic violence is Nidia Cervantes. She was awarded the “Othli” award for such trajectory into helping the community. After a night of entertainment, and special recognitions, the night came to a closing with a civic ceremony by the H. Cuerpo de Bomberos of Nogales Sonora, which included the traditional “El Grito de Independencia” performed by the Consul Jaime Paz Fuente.



Celebrates the 205th Mexican Independence Day

Celebrates the 205th Mexican Independence Day

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